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Fitness Normalizer

.. toctree::
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    Add <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.add>
    Divide By Mean <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.divide_by_mean>
    Multiply <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.multiply>
    Normalizer Sequence <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.sequence>
    Null Fitness Normalizer <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.null>
    Power <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.power>
    Replace Fitness <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.replace_fitness>
    Shift Up <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.shift_up>
    Sum <stk.ea.fitness_normalizers.sum>


[docs]class FitnessNormalizer: """ Abstract base class for fitness normalizers. A fitness normalizer takes an :class:`tuple` of :class:`.MoleculeRecord` instances and yields new :class:`.MoleculeRecord` instances, with normalized fitness values. The primary benefit of a normalizer vs a :class:`.FitnessCalculator` is that a :class:`.FitnessNormalizer` has access to all members in the population when it is calculating the normalized fitness value, whereas a :class:`.FitnessCalculator` does not. """
[docs] def normalize(self, population): """ Normalize the fitness values in `population`. Parameters ---------- population : :class:`tuple` of :class:`.MoleculeRecord` The molecules which need to have their fitness values normalized. Yields ------ :class:`.MoleculeRecord` A record with a normalized fitness value. """ raise NotImplementedError()